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THE TURNER SERIES Meet Christanthi Kaliviotis


Introducing Christanthi Kaliviotis

Chrisanthi Kaliviotis is a journalist, editor, consultant, creator and presenter based in Sydney. With a decade of experience in publishing, Chrisanthi’s tenure for all things lifestyle and beauty illuminates her world. Recently having held the position of Fashion Features Editor of Grazia International, and previous to that, Beauty Editor, her words spanned across both digital and print platforms in an age of reinventing the media landscape. These days, you’ll find Chrisanthi consulting for global brands and creative agencies, whilst also content creating to showcase her exquisite taste. Residing in Sydney’s tree lined suburb of Woollahra, Chrisanthi mixes her passion for bespoke architecture with her love of pre-loved clothing and shoes in a ‘shelf-ie’ that not many can say they have experienced. Discover how Chrisanthi approaches sustainability within her own day to day and find out what’s coming up next for her.

How does your ethos for sustainability inform your love for shopping for preloved garments?

I’ve only recently taken a real shine to preloved fashion, and that was largely because I was always terrible at sniffing out sensational pieces in a thrift store and would get so overwhelmed! I now shop a lot of preloved fashion, however, with sustainability and the environmental effects of the fashion industry driving forces behind my shift. I (terribly) used to be a huge consumer of fast fashion and in the last three or four years have made the switch to buy beautiful preloved instead of trend-based fast fashion that lasts a season (if that!). I also love to have unique, slightly off-kilter pieces that no one else has, and preloved affords you that opportunity wholeheartedly.

Thankfully there’s been a bunch of online stores that boast the most stylish curations and now guide me / soothe the stress of my vintage woes! 

As a multifaceted journalist in the fashion and beauty industry, where do you think members of this creative community can start to improve on sustainability within their everyday lives?

I think we’re a relatively progressive group and given we are in the thick of the industry, we see, hear and feel everything that goes on and should be more inclined to make better everyday choices based on this. I do believe by simply swapping out your weekly / monthly high street purchase for a preloved option is a great place to start. The preloved movement is definitely gaining groundswell but we’re only at the beginning…so the more noise, the better! Raising our voices is so valuable. 


Share a career moment that has inspired your style evolution.

Paris always makes me weak at the knees, but attending Paris Fashion Week in 2019 was most definitely a career highlight and something that left an indelible imprint on my style evolution. From Chanel’s chic chimney girls to the sublime meditative rave that was Loewe, to a night at the museum with Louis Vuitton (at the Louvre, of course), the grandeur and glory of it all cannot be matched. 

The sheer magnitude of show production, the impeccable details, the buzz of the city, the people…the romance and majesty and magic of it all made it that pinch-me-moment that I still often reflect on (often being weekly!).

What is your current favourite piece in your wardrobe? And does it have a special memory attached to it?

This is too hard! I suffer from a severe case of indecision so I’ll pick a few. Most worn / heavily relied on is a pair of tailored Esse Studios pants in both black and white that I quite literally live in. Plus a Christopher Esber crepe black bias pant that is also my wardrobe infallible (and so flattering). 

But in terms of most precious / special, currently it’s a Jil Sander trapeze style bag in zingy chartreuse suede with a large gold chain link handle that I got on sale. I love her and am constantly terrified I’ll ruin her (which I likely will). Also a vintage white Yves Saint Laurent by Tom Ford jacket that is just the most perfect, perfect cut (because tailoring is always better from back in the day!). 

In terms of sentimentality, a gold, engraved Lucy Folk cuff gifted to me by my boyfriend that seems to lift every outfit it’s paired with! 

What do you think about prior to making a pre-loved purchase?

Condition is a big one for me. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I do like things being quite spiffy and not too worn. In saying that, I don’t mind a little love here and there :-)


Can you describe a typical day in your life when you’re in Sydney?

As a freelancer, every day is different! But it always starts with an iced coffee and ends in natural wine ;) Somewhere in between is email trawling, writing copy for different brands and editorial platforms, zooming, mindless social scrolling, mindless online shopping, and sometimes wining and dining at an event (if I’m lucky). 

How does the interior design of your home reflect your current wardrobe?

I think the quirky, bold accents of my home reflect in my wardrobe and the way I dress. I’ve got kitschy bits ‘n’ bobs around the house and pops of colour - everything from a vintage wavy lamp to colourful wax busts of Napoleon and a big shiny orange booty à la Anissa Kermiche - this kind of kooky approach to design definitely resonates in my wardrobe (feathers, sequins, colour!) 

Do you have any upcoming projects you are working on which you can share?

Yes! My partner and I started a Greek dad cap brand, Savvas Says, during the pandemic and while we’ve been a bit slow to get things moving (Greek time, obviously), we’re finally launching some new products in the very near future! Think fun, kitschy, cool, Hellenic holiday merch. Opa!