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The Turn is proud to offer a valet consignment service.
Simply register to consign. Enter the brand and items you would like to sell and we will provide you with a prepaid courier bag to send us your items. The Turn lists, photographs, measures, grades and prices the items based on brand and condition. Once the item has sold the consignor earns up to 80% of the sales price.


The Turn provides a valet consignment service. Consigning with The Turn provides a hassle free way to sell your lightly worn quality clothes. All you need to do is list the items you would like to sell and request a prepaid courier bag. Once you receive your courier bag pop your items in it and drop it at your local post office. We take care of the rest! We endeveavour to make it as easy and hassle free as possible for you.

What do we accept

The Turn is looking to consign good quality designer women’s fashion, shoes, and handbags. We do not take children’s clothing or men’s wear. We only accept a specific brand list, and we take items that are free from stains, rips, repairs, or that are heavily worn.

How do we price your items

Our pricing is dynamic and based on market trends and industry knowledge.
Our goal is to sell your items at the highest price in an effective timeframe.
All items are unique and one of a kind. Some items may look alike however each item is checked and graded for brand, quality, and condition and the priced accordingly.
Quality designer brands tend to retain their value over time and yield a higher resale price-point.

All items are graded on their condition when they are processed at The Turn and the better the condition the higher the resale will be.
Any specific flaws are noted in the condition description of the item to add transparency and reduce returns.
Using internal and external data and knowledge of trends and seasonality the prices are adjusted. Typically, in season items sell at a higher price.

How much much do you earn

Every item is priced using a formula based on brand, condition and original pricepoint.

We endeavour to sell your item at the highest possible price. For items that are sold for less than $100 you receive 20%. Items sold between $100-$200 you receive 40%. Items sold between $200-$800 you will receive 60%. Items sold for $800 + you will receive 80%.


When will you get paid?

Once we have successfully sold your item it takes up to 30 days for the payout to be processed.

How will you get paid?

Your payment will be automatically credited to your nominated Paypal account. Please make sure this is updated within the Consignor portal so there is no delays.