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THE TURNER SERIES Meet Isabella Mamas

Introducing Isabella Mamas

Describe a typical day in your life.

I think being a fulltime assistant in fashion means that no two days are the same, so it's hard to pinpoint exactly how my day goes but I'll try my best. Depending on how big of a day I had the day before, I either wake at 5:30am and head pilates or do a late cancellation and deal with the late fee when I've woken up and had my coffee. Recently it's been very much the latter. I aim to get to work before 9am so I can get started on emails, and anything that needs sorting before anyone comes into the office. I like to try and be on top of it all as much as possible. Office days range from sorting clothes, emails, working with interns, prep days, fittings or shoot days. I run around like a headless chook for a little while and make my way home around 6pm to spend time with my partner and housemates. Sometimes it's hard to unwind but heading home to a bunch of friendly faces, literally always brightens my day. I love living with friends.

What is your favourite part about shopping for preloved pieces?

I love shopping for preloved pieces quite simply because they're preloved. I love history and a story, and I love knowing that a piece of clothing may have lived the wildest life before it enters mine. It has stories to tell and I think vintage pieces reflect that. There is something special about owning preloved pieces, when you find something you love it's not a simple purchase of something new, it's the hunt, it's the feeling of accomplishment when you find something, it's a whole journey in itself.

What are you most sentimental about in your wardrobe?

My first ever designer purchase was a pair of preloved Valentino red sparkly shoes reminiscent of Dorothy's heels from Wizard of Oz. I bought these when I was 16, and put them on lay-by and each Sunday after I finished my cafe shift and got paid I would trot down King Street in Newtown and pay them off. It took me weeks, if not months but I was so proud of myself when
they were finally mine. I wore them to my first ever fashion week when I was 15 (feels a little illegal) but I felt untouchable in them, and still to this day I love them so much.

How do you balance playful pieces with classic investments?

I believe the two can coexist, I believe the playful pieces are the classic investments!

What do you choose to invest in?
Dumb fun shoes, and great jackets. I love shoes, my tootsies deserve the best! The downside of this is I own a minimal amount of the middle ground, and am always looking for tops. Feet look great though! 

How does the interior design of your home reflect your current wardrobe?

I moved into my home during covid, so it was a difficult time to find things outside of our zone so facebook marketplace became our best friend. It was a fun little challenge to see what we could find within the distance we were allowed to travel. The same way I feel about preloved clothing is the way I feel about furniture, I love that each piece tells a story. I think colour and warmth are important to me, I love living in a colourful house with fun artworks and furniture. One of my favourite lamps was one given to me from my friend Ash, which is an orange spirally situation. I think dropping fun eclectic pieces through your house and wardrobe are so important to keep
your style fresh and fun.

Share a career moment that has inspired your style evolution.

It would be amiss to not mention Vogue. Being in this role has been so fun, you can wear absolutely anything you want under the guise of working for fashion. Each day is a dress up day, I'm living my absolute dream. However, comfortable shoes are always a must.

How do you intertwine your love for fashion with being sustainable and spending consciously? 

My rule of thumb is to sit on a piece of clothing for a few weeks and if you are still thinking about it, it's time to consider purchasing it. I really try to not spend impulsively and slow down my purchases to ensure it is something I will love and have for a really long time. I try to buy second hand as much as possible, and steer clear of fast fashion.