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THE TURNER SERIES Meet Victoria Haralabidou

Introducing Victoria Haralabidou

Describe your profession as an actress and writer?

I travel a lot for work, meet new people, discover new music, visit galleries, go to the movies and eat amazing food. I walk a lot. It helps me to experience the city I’m in and take in the energy. When I am not travelling or filming, I try to relax, spend time with my family and friends and charge my batteries.

What is a typical day in your life?

I dare say there is no typical day in the life of an actress. Your filming schedule varies. Your location varies. Your ‘call’ might be at 4:30 am or 9:30 pm. To avoid the work ‘jet-lag’ I have certain steps in my routine I follow regardless. Shower, black coffee, meditation, vocal exercises and stretches. No matter what I’m filming, where in the world I am or when I get up.

Share your top three tips for shopping preloved clothing and accessories.

I am a big bag and accessories person. I think you can play and make the same outfit look completely different. Plus when you travel It’s my number one tip – accessorise! Whenever a the salesperson utters a phrase “this is very popular” they lose me as a customer. Uniqueness is important. As I grow older I make an effort to trust my judgment. In understanding my style and my needs I feel more empowered and give less ‘damns’ about what other people think. Know and love yourself. Sometimes we make a ‘mistake’ and buy something that doesn’t really suit, fit or speak to us. Maybe we have a piece in our wardrobe we haven’t worn in years – re-sell. Don’t wait to fit into your idea of self. Move on.

What’s your most prized preloved piece in your wardrobe?

The most valued preloved pieces in my wardrobe are my grandmother’s bags and her handmade dark blue wool wedding dress. They might not be the most expensive pieces, but they are certainly the most valued ones. I do wear the dress and it fits me perfectly. It’s a grounding experience. I style the dress and the bags with more contemporary pieces to give it an edge. My family went through multiple exiles, migrations and travels so to still have these objects in my possession feels very special.

Where do you find inspiration for sourcing sought after, pre-loved pieces for your wardrobe?

I find my inspiration in street style, fashion shows, art galleries and cinema. I saw a French film, a very long time ago, and I remember I spent months hunting for the rings that Isabelle Huppert's character wore. Design, colour combinations, shapes and texture are important. I look for clothes and accessories that make me feel comfortable, light, free and sexy.